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Text2019-11-28 10:40:52

Hello, whitecoin fans and holders!

The official website has been released today, March 15, 2020. And the new version of whitecoin wallet has been released at the same time. Please go to the downloadpage to download.

White coin was born in 2014 and has existed for 5 years now. In the early stage of its birth, it followed the basic rules of "code open

source, community autonomy" of blockchain. In the past five years, The world of virtual currency has changed enormous, and the whitecoins stands in

various waves, gradually forming a strong barrier in technology, community, ecology and other aspects. The whiteccon has gathered

many "fans". These "fans" pour strong feelings into the whitecoin, and have a good vision for the future of the whitecoin.

With the further update and iteration of technology, the whitecoin team is trying to make xwc become one excellent blockchain product. You can

see the great progress we have made in achieving each goal on the official website.

Meanwhile, WeChat official account: facebook: tuitier: updates daily whitecoin information and global block chain information.

The whitecoin developmen team will continue to work on blockchain technology and devote itself to the great mission of blockchain to

change the world. At the same time, it also bathes in the sunshine of blockchain and enjoys the fun brought by blockchain. 

1. Optimize block data synchronization and improve data synchronization speed;

2. Optimize the function of node discovery to find nodes more quickly;

3. Improve the "quick send" function, it make sending coins more easy;

4. Improve the test network; The test net will working online permanently; whitecoiner can apply for the test coins to test the whitecoin wallet ;

5. Improve the alert message function;

6. The interface display is optimized;

7. Optimize the interest generation mechanism;

1) 2020-03-31 8:00:00(GMT) soft fork, staking coins from 5xwc increase to 8xwc ever block;

2) 2021-03-31 8:00:00 (GMT)staking halved for the first time

3) After 8:00:00(GMT) on March 31, 2021, staking will be halved every two years until the staking output is 0.5xwc per block